Environmental Solutions Group Brands

The Environmental Solutions Group brings together several well-known products brands which are respected in the solid waste industry for their quality, durability, reliability, and unmatched performance.

Heil Environmental

Heil Environmental is the world’s premier manufacturer of ultra-durable, high productivity, custom-configured refuse collection vehicles and the industry’s leading provider of automation solutions that help customers achieve the lowest cost of ownership.

Heil’s refuse collection bodies include a wide variety of front loaders, side loaders, rear loaders, and recycling units. Heil is renowned for training, after-the-sale support, and truck bodies noted for productivity, long life, ease of maintenance, and operator safety.



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Marathon Equipment Company

Marathon Equipment Company is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of on-site waste compaction,  recycling systems and Organics Processing solutions.

The Marathon RAMJET® brand has been the industry standard for quality and innovation for more than 40 years. This line includes stationary and self-contained compactors, compaction containers, transfer systems, pre-crushers, apartment and high-rise compactors, and a line of environmentally friendly solar-powered compactors under the Green Built brand.

In addition to waste handling products, Marathon offers a wide range of baling solutions used in recycling and scrap processing operations, including precision-built auto-tie, two-ram, and manual-tie horizontal and vertical balers, as well as conveyor and MRF systems.  

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Bayne Premium Lift Systems

Bayne Premium Lift Systems is the leading supplier of cart tippers and carry cans in the waste industry.

Best known for its exclusive Thinline lift with rack and pinion actuator, Bayne also supplies lift systems for industrial use, including compactor and baler loading systems. Bayne’s lift systems are used in industrial plants, hospitals, shopping centers, food processing plants, and universities.

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The Curotto-Can

The Curotto-Can designs and manufactures automated carry cans for refuse collection vehicles in the solid waste and recycling industry. They are focused on delivering reliable solutions that enhance productivity and make a positive impact on their customers' bottom line. Their carry cans can be added to many front loader models to convert a collection vehicle used for commercial routes to one that can be used to also pick up residential waste and recycling.

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Parts Central

Parts Central is Heil’s premium brand of OEM replacement parts. These parts come off the same assembly lines that produce Heil’s legendary refuse collection vehicles – like our Half/Pack® family of front loaders, the CP Rapid Rail®, Durapack® Rapid Rail®, Durapack® Python®, Durapack® 5000, etc. Protect your investment by specifying quality Parts Central OEM replacement parts for Heil products through your local Heil dealer. If you’re not sure who your dealer is, simply point your browser to Heil Dealers, type in your zip code – and you’re all set.

3rd Eye

3rd Eye, a Dover Company is the leader in the development of safety and operational systems that bridge the gap between the driver, the vehicle, and the fleet owner. Long known as a pioneer in the vehicle camera market segment, 3rd Eye has continued to evolve with safety camera and collision avoidance radar – while simultaneously developing new Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ [Enhance VBA™] systems that allow fleet owners to truly understand the language today’s vehicles speak. Learn More About 3rd Eye at


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