COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update 3/20/20

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ESG COVID-19 Daily Updates

All ESG locations are operating normally today.

Yesterday, we shared a video from our “Dynamic Duo” on social distancing
I want to stress the importance of what we are doing at ESG to ensure the health and safety of our team
members and their families by taking social distancing seriously:

  1. In order to significantly reduce the number of team members in our facilities and reduce risk exposure for
    those required to perform their jobs onsite, we have asked all ESG team members with the ability to perform
    their jobs from home to work remotely until further notice.
  2. Our Marathon and Heil manufacturing site leaders are formulating a plan to limit production team
    members to specific work areas, specific entrances/exits, and specific break areas. This will reduce the
    number of people our team members are exposed to on a daily basis.
  3. In conjunction with the changes above, we will start providing free boxed lunches from local, small
    businesses to our Marathon and Heil production team members. These lunches will be delivered to a
    designated break space within the work area. This service will prevent the need for team members to
    purchase meals or eat with large groups – all while helping local food establishments.

I would encourage all of our friends, family, and customers to do your part with social distancing, supporting
local businesses, and thanking our front line health care professionals. Together, we can Improve Lives.