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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update 3/26/20

By March 26, 2020April 27th, 2022No Comments

All ESG sites are operating today.

Our ESG businesses are designated as “Critical Infrastructure” within the US. To continue to support our customers, our communities, AND our families, we need to keep our Team Members Safe. Our manufacturing sites are in the process of breaking into smaller workgroups. This change in our work environment gives us a much better chance of preventing an entire plant shutdown if one of our Team Members tests positive for COVID-19. With self-contained workgroups, only that specific work area may be required to stop work.

ESG’s Heil and Marathon manufacturing sites are implementing the following changes to limit unnecessary personal interaction and exposure:

  • Reducing the size of work teams and identifying those work teams by colored armbands (Heil started this on
    March 25, Marathon will initiate next week)
  • Closing common areas (Locker rooms at Heil are now closed. Safety shoes/boots must be worn prior to entering the plant floor.  The main cafeteria at Heil is closed.  CCI break area is limited to CCI Team Members only.)
  • Limiting entrances and exits by designated work group/color
  • Adding mobile bathrooms at Heil, color-coded by work area
  • Limiting time clock use by designated work group/color while ensuring Team Members maintain social
    distancing protocol at the time clocks
  • Reducing access to the Fastenal and Air Gas machines to Team Leaders only
  • To support our Team Members with these changes, we are:
  • Providing lunch delivered to designated areas.
  • Encouraging Team Members to eat in their vehicles to maintain social distance.
  • Asking Team Members to enter the facility just in time to start work and to leave promptly at the end of the
    work day.
  • Reminding Team Members to maintain social distancing (6 ft or two arm’s length) as much as possible around
    co-workers in the work cells and outside of work.
  • Asking Team Members to ensure their cells are clean throughout the day by wiping down high-touch surfaces
    such as handles, knobs, triggers, buttons, rails, tools, etc.
  • Reminding Team Members to use proper hand PPE when handling materials and wash hands as frequently as
    possible with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Our Heil Plant Manager, Jean Weniger, also created a video to explain these actions