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All ESG locations are operating today.

Mask Update

Our Heil manufacturing engineering team has been working to maximize the 3D printer output and are printing ~65 masks per week compared to the original output of a dozen per week.  Our onsite Heil health clinic is able to use about seven of the masks each day, so our “ESG Cares” team is working with the clinic to distribute any excess masks to those most in need.

Team Member Update

We are still fortunate none of our team members at any ESG location have tested positive for COVID-19.  I am so proud of those team members who continue to come forward with potential exposure or symptoms in order to protect their fellow co-workers.  It is no surprise to me that the ESG family is demonstrating genuine care for others by coming forward.

Work Environment Update

We are continuing to make changes in our work environment at Heil and Marathon as the COVID-19 situation evolves.  Work groups are further reducing in size – still wearing color-coded armbands for ease of identification.  The team members are following all of the guidelines given to them, and their commitment to their jobs, their families, and our customers is shining through.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Pat Carroll,
President of Environmental Solutions Group