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All sites are operating today.

At our Marathon and Heil facilities this week, we have received several questions from team members about whether or not they should wear a mask or could be allowed to wear a mask while at work. Our EHS team sent the following to our manufacturing site leaders yesterday:

Current CDC guidelines do not recommend the use of surgical type masks for protection against COVID-19 unless you are sick or caring for someone who is sick. The supply of these masks is severely limited worldwide and the priority for their issue is to health care workers, who are in proximity of patients.

While not required, we do understand that some of our team members would feel more comfortable if they would be allowed to wear some type of mask or face barrier. If a team member chooses to wear a mask or other face barrier, he/she must make sure the CDC guidelines for wear, hygiene, and replacement are being followed. The team member must also ensure he/she is wearing the required PPE for his/her job being performed (i.e. the team member will not be allowed to wear a mask or barrier if it prevents the team member from wearing required PPE). If you or someone has a question or concern about this, please see any member of our EHS team.  We are taking every reasonable precaution to minimize the risk of exposure for our team. The primary means of prevention is still social distancing, hand washing and cough etiquette.

We also had a wonderful suggestion from one of our Fort Payne team members about potentially producing masks/mask covers with our 3D printers at Heil. We are now working through some of the details and logistics of this possibility. These types of recommendations and ideas are what makes ESG known for finding new and innovative ways to solve problems for our customers and communities.

Keep the ideas coming!