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All ESG locations are operating today.

We are still in a fortunate situation that none of our team members at any ESG location have tested positive for COVID-19.  Thanks to our ESG team for continuing to practice social distancing whether working remotely or in our plants.  I know this has been a difficult time for many of you, especially with the added stress of the recent storms.  Your perseverance and dedication to the jobs you do each day is recognized.

Last week, I attended the “Women of ESG” call where Tara Hemmer, Sr. VP of Operations – Waste Management, was the guest speaker.  She started off mentioning Waste Management’s appreciation of the partnership with ESG.  She then had some kind and inspirational words for the ESG attendees regarding the importance of the waste industry and ESG during COVID-19.  Tara stated to our team members, “you are part of the fabric of the waste industry, and you should be proud…we make living in cities and communities possible. ”  She had all of us think about how much worse COVID-19 would be without our services.  Tara mentioned that the innovation of ESG products “helps keep our [Waste Management’s] workers safe every day,” referencing 3rd Eye, Heil automated side loaders, and The Curotto-Can.  Lastly, she had a special word for our ESG women “don’t let other people say no for you and don’t say no for yourself.”  Great advice Tara – thank you for being part of this important network within ESG!

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Pat Carroll,
President of Environmental Solutions Group