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All ESG locations are operating today.

The leadership team and I have started receiving questions from team members and colleagues in the industry on how we are coping with COVID-19 as an organization. There are numerous discussions at all of our sites each day looking at our short and long term strategies.  Each of the ESG businesses are independent, so the COVID-19 impacts are different for each one.  Just know that it is no secret that our economy is struggling at present, and there will likely be some tough times ahead as it recovers.

The leadership team and I are closely monitoring market conditions, and I want you to know how impressed I have been with our team members’ willingness to embrace this dynamic environment, doing everything requested to continue to support our customers, communities, and families.  I will continue to send updates as the COVID-19 situation and impact evolves but am going to adjust the frequency to once a week versus daily.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Pat Carroll,
President of Environmental Solutions Group