Latest News and Notes

Latest News and Notes

SMARTFERM Redefines Waste

The Environmental Solutions Group’s (ESG) newest business collaborator, Zero Waste Energy (ZWE), is designing and building the most advanced organic waste processing technology in the world. This dry anaerobic digestion (AD) technology, SMARTFERM, transforms organic waste refuse into carbon-negative energy in the form of electricity or CNG fuel. This system is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically efficient. 


The SMARTFERM system utilizes bacteria percolate in anaerobic conditions to digest food and yard waste and convert it into methane gas by a process called methanogenesis. This is done in a specialized thermophilic chamber, manufactured by Marathon, that is heated to between 125 - 131°F and devoid of oxygen; the unique conditions allows the bacterium to efficiently convert the biomass into methane gas and compost, with no other by-product. This process is completed in 21-days, making it 25% more efficient than other digester systems. This compost output, given the appropriate feedstock, meets premium EPA Biosolid Rule standards and can be sold for agricultural purposes


What makes SMARTFERM stand out from other AD technologies is that it is a dry digestion system, meaning that it requires no water additive or pre-processing of the biomass. Unlike wet AD systems, there is no waste output. Therefore, a truly closed loop system can be created through the integration of the SMARTFERM technology. SMARTFERM works most effectively in conjunction with a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), such as those produced by Marathon, so that it can effectively process the organic portion of waste- an estimated 60% of waste brought to landfills. Integrating SMARTFERM and a MRF system also enables operators to achieve the highest possible biomass ratio for SMARTFERM feedstock.


SMARTFERM is the future for organics recycling and can be combined with the Heil Odyssey collection vehicles with CNrG™ to synergize fleet operation and collection application. Using dry anaerobic digestion technology allows companies to efficiently turn organic waste into fuel. The technology is so effective that companies have been able to generate enough CNG to fuel an entire collection fleet.


The SMARTFERM system’s design, customized to fit the goals of each project, allows it to be extremely effective in almost all conditions. SMARTFERM can even blend into the cityscape due to ZWE odor-control technologies.  The modular design makes the system practical for both current CNG fleets and those in transition to CNG-powered collection vehicles. This exceptional adaptability allows SMARTFERM to be the solution for big companies and small companies alike in Going Green and Making a Difference!
-Robert Mitchener and Ashley Beleny