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Organics Co-Collection

Marathon Equipment is proud to provide the most cost-effective and efficient way to collect source-separated organic material – making organics recycling easy for the end-user and efficient for waste haulers, companies and municipalities.

Organix Solutions’ Co-Collection Program is a sustainable curbside organics recycling program that makes it easy for residents to divert food waste. We developed our own proprietary BPI certified compostable bags — Green Bag Organix™ and Blue Bag Organics® to make it easier for food waste collection, hauling and composting.

Why separate your organic waste? Organics (food waste and food-soiled paper) is the single largest component in the municipal solid waste stream (MSW). Organics is a valuable material that if properly collected and recycled can help reduce pollution and improve overall quality of life.

Organic Green Bag Recycling Trash Bags

Discover how simple and affordable organics recycling can be.

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