Improving Lives - NWRA Women’s Council

Jennifer Testa (VP of HR, ESG) and Carmen Smothers (Dealer & OEM Development Manager, 3rd Eye) give us more details on the NWRA Women’s Council, and the scholarships they are offering to those that wish to pursue an education for a career in the waste and recycling industry.

ESG Clinics

John Moore (CRNP, North DeKalb Primary Care) walks us through the updates that have been made at our clinics, and how they allow us to provide the necessary care for our team members and their families.

ESG Was There For Me

Richard Ford (Manager of Development Engineering) tells his personal story about how ESG was there for him and his family in their time of need.

Heil Quality Team

Perfect quality is a journey. Anthony Henson (Director of Quality Assurance) and Robby Dehart (Senior Director of Heil Sales) explain how team members at Heil are working together in their pursuit of perfection.

Marathon Continuous Improvement

John Kalson (Operations Director) explains how Marathon Equipment is using Continuous Improvement to make the workplace safer and more efficient.

3rd Eye Quality Team

Rick Gutierrez, 3rd Eye Digital Quality Control Manager, describes how the 3rd Eye Quality Team helps Improve Lives.

NWRA Women’s Council

Carmen Smothers (Product Manager, Organic Waste Solutions) explains how the NWRA Women’s Council is improving the lives of women and men in the waste industry.

Find-It Fix-It Initiative

Howard Jeffery (Supervisor, HalfPack Line) and Terry Collins (Welder, HalfPack Line) explain how the “Find-It Fix-It” initiative is Improving Lives on the HalfPack line at Heil Environmental.

Heil Implements “5S”

Ken Chandler (VP, Operation & Continuous Improvement) explains how the Heil Paint Line is implementing “5S” to better improve the lives of their team members.

Toys For Tots

Linda Tidmore (HR Advisor, Talent Engagement) explains how the Heil Activities Team’s annual “Toys for Tots” drive came about.

5th Annual Harvest Festival / National Manufacturing Day

Jennifer Testa (VP, Human Resources) and her daughter Harmony explain how Heil Environmental is Improving Lives throughout their surrounding communities.

We Care About You

Mental Wellness is just as important as the health of any other organ in your body. Pat Carroll (President of ESG) and John Moore (Director of North DeKalb Primary Care Clinic) explain why we should all take the subject more seriously.

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